Mother Sierra

Piet Blocks


There’s something so timeless about the forms and designs of the mid-20th century modern art movement, that they’ve moved well beyond the canvas and into our everyday lives. Their simplified shapes and colors have come to embody the idea of “vintage.” So on those days when you’re feeling like you were born in the wrong decade, reach for our Piet Blocks.

Our homage to Dutch painter Piet Mondrian’s famous “plastic painting” compositions produced toward the end of his career, these earrings have it boiled down to the basics: primary colors and straight lines.  Mondrian’s clean, bold designs from this period have inspired fashion for decades, including collaborations with Hermes and Yves St. Laurent, so it’s only natural that one of the most accessorized artists in history would end up on your earrings. 

Art design created by Amauri 

Size: 10X3 cm