How Do Pre-Orders Work?

We now allow pre-orders, as many time we are out of stock due to high demand and the time of process for each handmade product. Our pre-orders could take anywhere from one day to a couple months depending on when we will get new stock and which country we will need to ship it to. 

USA pre-orders could take from 1-30 days from the day you order.
International pre-orders could take 3-60 days from the day your order.

Please allow us the time to create with love! If there are any specifics that you would like to include within the pre-order, please email us at

Also, if you must know exactly when the pre-order will arrive please email us!

If you take another product that is not a pre-order, we will first ship out the in-stock shipment and then with free of charge shipping we will send the pre-order when it arrives!