Mother Sierra

Garden Fantasy


It’s usually when we’re getting dressed in a hurry that we accidentally end up making a fashion statement. Whether it’s still dark and you can’t tell colors apart, or you wake up late and throw on whatever’s lying around just to get out the door, things happen when you “go with the flow” that can never be planned. For those days we offer our Garden of Fantasy earrings. Inspired by one of Spanish artist Joan Miro’s most famous worksThe Garden, these earrings “clash” in the best way possible. With nearly every color of the spectrum on display, you’re certain to make a match with something!

Considered one of the pioneers of Surrealism, Miro was the founder of a technique known as automatism. This simply meant that the artist would touch their brush to the canvas and move it intuitively, without a specific figure or shape in mind. He believed that this put the artist in better touch with their subconscious. So the next time you can’t figure out what to wear, put on a pair of these, close your eyes, and put on whatever you pull out of your closet!

Art design created by Amauri 

Size: 12X4 cm