Mother Sierra

Luz De Sol

1,449.00 SR

Aleya and her family are the incredible creators of this amazing Huichol artwork.

This piece is made to represent masculinity but at the same time the duality we all have inside. He had a companion who had already finished her journey. She was moonlight, and together they represented duality, balance, the sun and the moon, life and death. This parakeet is adorned by a necklace which represents his femininity and he can put it on and take it off whenever he wants.

The piece has a wooden base, created with two ancient techniques. Glued with yarn and beads on Campeche wax.

Avoid heat or direct sunlight to protect the materials. 

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4.3 Inches x 12.4 Inches x 4.3 Inches.

11 cm x 31.5 cm x 11 cm.