Mother Sierra

The Kiss


Some nights, while perhaps not a formal affair, may have a bit more significance than a typical night out. For when you're straddling the line between a night at the opera and one at a dive bar, there is The Kiss. Based on the acclaimed work of the same name by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt, its warm palette of gold and brown, bejeweled with flecks of red and blue, is the very hallmark of casual elegance.

The Fin-de-Siecle, or end-of-century in Vienna, was a period known for its decadence as well as its open displays of intimacy in art. That’s why it’s no surprise that The Kiss, depicting the sensuous embrace of a man and a woman, and embellished with silver, gold, and platinum leaf, is often considered the flagship work of this period. Bring back the opulence and sensuality of the fin-de-siecle every time you wear these gorgeous earrings.

Art design created by Amauri 

Size: 12X4 cm