Mother Sierra



Aleya and her family are the incredible creators of this amazing Huichol artwork.

This piece represents the crowns of our Mexica ancestors. We don't wear “crowns” like regular Queens or Kings that you are familiar with, the crowns we wear are of our own braided hair. The braid in Mexico also represents protection for our emotions and that's why this piece is named Krona, meaning crown in many languages.

Another interesting detail on this amazing piece of art is the eyes of the skull. He is visualizing what the blue deer is whispering in his ear.

The piece has a wooden base, created with two ancient techniques. Glued with yarn and beads on Campeche wax.

Avoid heat or direct sunlight to protect the materials. 

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8.6 Inches x 7 Inches x 7 Inches.

22 cm x 18 cm x 18 cm.